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Tamara Nenadic CMA/CLT

Thank you so much for choosing Skin Envy Laser & Medi Spa to care for all your skin and body concerns...

Tamara is a Certified Medical Aesthetician and Laser Technician, owner of Skin Envy Laser and Medi Spa.

Certification as a Medical Aesthetician and Laser Technician requires over 600 hundred hours of clinical and theoretical training. To achieve a multitude of dipolmas, allowing an individual to operate medical grade devices and administer treatments effectively. Most commonly, targeting anti-aging, pigmentation, acne and scarring issues, body contouring, fat reduction, muscle toning and sculpting, laser hair removal, skin tightening and many other concerns one may have with their skin or body.

As well, Tamara has trained with multiple, very talented physicians and has aquired specialized training in treating skin conditions.  With several years of experience in the aesthetics industry, she has a passion for helping and caring for people.  Assisting and offering aid in the benefits of  what may concern people, about their skin conditions or help achieve changes in their body shape.  

Every appointment begins with an overall consultation, to ensure ongoing treatments are creating satisfying results, manage expectations and discuss ​any concerns or questions.

It is with great pleasure to serve the amazing community of Pitt Meadows and surrounding areas to provide immediate and long lasting results with some of the best quality devices available.

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